Sculptures are available for purchase through the online store. We ship only to the contiguous United States. 

St Vincent Student Nurse 9.5” Bronze Patina or in color $30 shipping not included

Blessed Mother Carrying Jesus $29 Shipping Not Included 9.5”

Blessed Pauline von Mallinckrodt, founder of the Sisters of Christian Charity $30.00 12” x4” x5.5” Shipping not included

Woman In The Hand Of God $35.00 Shipping Not Included, 8”X5”X5”

Good Shepherd in a Storm – $55
Shipping Not Included

Emmaus Bas Relief – 12” x 9” $50 Shipping Not Included

Dancing Miriam, The Dancing Prophet 18” $60.00 Shipping not included

12” high, made of cast stone
Color: Bronze
Price: $50.00 [shipping not included]