“The sculpture you created of ‘Jesus and the Children’ exceeded our expectations. The artistic approach you took gave a natural look to the figures. The eyes of the children looking directly into the eyes of Jesus capture the warmth we wanted to portray in welcoming adults and children to the garden. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!”

Patricia Heniff, Director of Development
St. Elizabeth Seton Parish
Orland Hills, IL

“This American work of art has become a favorite site of the pilgrims who visit Lourdes. The statue of St. Bernadette is now part of the village’s daily tours. Notice that her hand is never empty! Pilgrims leave all sorts of ‘gifts’ with her.”

Jean-Luc Delchambre, Guide
Lourdes, France

“Sister Margaret’s work captures a new moment in liturgical-religious art. She enfleshes the humanity of the subject, along with historical realism and soul. We couldn’t be more happy with her work!”

Rev. James Clavey
St. Mary of Celle Catholic Church
Berwyn, IL

“Our parishioners immediately bonded with Sister Margaret’s statue of St. Bernadette. Daily I witness the importance of the visual arts in our religion. Adults sit next to Bernadette and pour out their hearts. Children bring her flowers. Brides and grooms pose with her. This sculpture is more than our parish’s patron…she is our confidant.”

Father Tom Zotter, Pastor
St. Bernadette Catholic Church
Albuquerque, NM

“The vision of a young St. Augustine impresses everyone who sees it, and his position sitting on the stone wall gives children an opportunity to come closer to our patron saint. Everyone has had only positive things to say regarding the quality of your work.”

Rev. Msgr. William Foley, Pastor
St. Augustine’s Church
New York, NY

“Late one evening as I was locking the church doors, I heard someone sobbing. As I left the building I saw in the distance a mid-aged man resting his head on Bernadette’s shoulder, his hand in hers, crying his eyes out. It was at this very moment that I realized that Sister Margaret’s sculpture was more than just an important work of art!”

Dan Paulos, Parishioner
St. Bernadette Catholic Church
Albuquerque, NM

“Many people of all ages have found delight in our sculpture of Mother Xavier Ross near the fountain in front of our Mother House. We have seen people of all ages from children to the elderly, holding her hand and having a conversation with her. Many of our sisters sit from time to time and say their rosary there. Others have used the inscription from her book as a message of hope…it reads, ‘Look forward to the good that is yet to be!'”

Sister Sue Miller, Community Director
Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth
Leavenworth, KS

“The ‘Jesus and the Woman’ sculpture is wonderful, and very inspirational. The donor who sponsored this sculpture in honor of his parents said ‘It’s the best investment I’ve ever made.’ The sculpture sets the tone for our atmosphere and mission of loving to care.”

Sr. Anastasia Valimont, Director
St. Mary’s Home
Erie, PA