Experience the Cards, Sculpture and Artwork of Sister Kathleen

Kathleen Aucoin, SC
Seton Arts Studio
Sisters of Charity Ministry

The Journey…

Over the years I have been studying the Sculptural art form in and out of the Studio. Courses of study were taken at The School of Visual Arts in New York City, and I worked as an assistant to Sculptor Sister Margaret Beaudette, Sister of Charity of New York.  Patience, the need to see the whole sculpture while detailing a part, open to the outsider’s view, walking away for a cup of coffee and coming back to it and looking at the piece as if for the first time, knowing when to ‘keep at it’ and when to ‘walk away’ are just some of necessary traits of the sculptor.  Some of these traits are learned—painfully.

Some works, partially done wait on the shelf, covered indefinitely because their time has not come.  Sometimes I just find no energy and need to fill up on the Masters, and so I wend my way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and drink in the power of the Masters works—Masters of all the Ages.  By the time I leave, I am eager to get back to my studio and create.

My works are all a product of prayer and experience. To me, true sculpture comes from the depth of the artist’s soul.  All of my sculptures — as in every sculptor’s work — imbibe the Spirit of the artist’s life and passion.  Up to now, most of my works are of women; The Good Shepherd, Man in the Hand of God, and St. Francis are the exception.  I am looking forward to working on Dorothy Day next…maybe an angel…then again, someone just asked about a statue of St. Joseph…

Kathleen M. Aucoin

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